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Compensating Cable

Compensating Cable

Compensating Cable with conductor materials such as nickel or chromium are used for temperature sensing in industrial processes.
Construction: KX, JX, EX, TX, Type Extension / KX, SX, RX Type Compensating Conductor, XLPE/PVC PTFE/LSOH/LDPE Insulated, Armored/Unarmored, PVC/HR PVC/LSZH/HDPE Inner & Outer Sheath, Individual Screened/Overall Screened -Al Mylar/Cu Tape /Braiding.
Voltage Grade: 300 / 500 / 1100 Volts
Size: 12 AWG / 16 AWG / 20 AWG — up to 200 pairs and as per client’s requirement


LSZH Cable

Fire Performance / Fire Rated / Fire Survival Cables are intended for applications requiring circuit integrity during fire. These cables generate very low smoke and are free from halogens thus helping to save human life and protect the sensitive data / equipment / strategic infrastructures such as hospitals, metro rails and underground tunnels, schools, high-rise buildings, lifts, airports, defense establishments, etc.
Construction: Al / Bare Cu/ Tinned Cu, Heat Barrier Glass Mica Tape, EPR/LSZH/SILICON/EVA/ XLPE Insulated, Wire/Flat/Braid/Copper Tape/PVC/HR PVC/LSZH /FRLS/FR/CSP/EVA/PCP Inner & Outer Sheath.
Voltage Grade: Up to 1100 Volts
Size: Fire Alarm Power Cables : 1 core to 5 core-up to 1000 sq. mm
Fire Alarm Control Cables : up to 61 cores — 0.5 sq. mm to 4 sq. mm
Fire Alarm Signal Cables : up to 200 pairs/triads — 0.5 sq. mm to 4 sq. mm

Instrumentation Cable

Instrumentation Cables

Instrumentation cables – Found in a vast array of applications but predominantly in communications and telecoms, automation, water treatments, oil gas and petrochemical along with the building and construction industry.
Construction: Bare /Tinned Cu, PVC/XLPE/HR PVC/LSZH/EVA/LDPE Insulated. LSZH/PVC/HR PVC/HDPE/EVA/FRLS Inner & Outer Sheath, Armored/Unarmored, Individual Screened/ Overall Screened -Al Mylar/Cu Tape /Braiding.
Voltage Grade: 300 / 500 / 1100 Volts
Size: 1P to 200P— up to 4 sq. mm,1T/Q to 200T/Q— up to 4 sq. mm and as per client’s requirements

Special Cable

Special Cables

We can develop any cables as per your requirements or Specification or samples. Our portfolio of cables covers a broad spectrum of applications across an equally broad range of industries. Our technical experts have experience creating custom designed cable solutions for highly regulated organizations for which we regularly develop new cables. Ship Wiring Cables, Cables for Offshore, Cables for Defense, Composite Cables, Navel Cables, Mining Cables, DC Cables, Under Water Cables, Solar Cables, Specialty Cables, Linear Heat Sensing Cables, PTFE Cables, PVC Telephone Cables, Welding Cables, Coaxial Cables, Screened PCM Cables.

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