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As a suppliers of Industrial Burner in India, Ajmer Thermotech is a professional company, which has sufficient capacity and capability to fulfill all round requirements of heating and cooling solutions. We supply and commission Light Oil BurnersGas Burner, Heavy Oil Burners, Gas Oil Burners,  Dual Fuel Burners and Special Burners with various models.

Every them is designed for operation with varied firing ranges with the help of low sulfur fuels, in several applications such as water boilers, steam generators and civil installations. Our range of Gas Fired Burners and secondary double-bloc burners feature energy-saving and high-quality characteristics making them ideal for special applications. The Industrial burners and the DB Burners are never out of place from huge civil installations and industrial processes that necessitate high thermal demand. Suntec also provides a wide array of special burners including concrete casting chambers, silicon carbide cones, radiant tubes, and air duct modules for burners.

The burners have a firing range starting from 5 kW to a staggering 32000 kW, based on how they are utilized in various settings and scenarios.


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